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Do you want to learn to use Google Analytics like a pro? You don’t want to miss this webinar.

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You’ll learn:

- How to set up goals so you can start tracking conversions (unless you do this, you’ll have no idea what traffic is good and what you need to do more of.)
- How to use advanced segments to REALLY understand what’s going on with your traffic (this tip alone will take your business to the next level.)
- How to perform a keyword-landing page match analysis so you can make sure your visitors find what they’re looking for (so they stay on your site longer and buy more stuff from you.)
- How to understand your bounce rate and lower it as much as possible (this is a crucial step to increase revenue.)
- How to set up e-commerce tracking so you can tell exactly how much money you’re making from each visitor.
- How to create a custom dashboard so you have all the data you need on one page or emailed to you every day.
- How to read the Advanced Reports (this is where the REAL insights are!)
- How to determine what you need to track and what you shouldn’t waste time on (tracking the right things is the most important part of Analytics.)

Plus: How to interpret all the data you get and come up with ACTIONABLE STEPS that will help you increase your revenue.

The webinar is on Tuesday July 26, 2011, at 1pm PST. It will be 30 minutes long and we’ll have a 15-minute Q&A session after that.

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Official Website: http://www.theoutsourcingcompany.com/blog/internet-marketing-events/free-webinar-mastering-google-analytics/

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