Los Angeles, California

Free Online Webinar from Adapt Technologies

Spending too much time managing your PPC campaigns?

Need help figuring out how to optimize your bids in paid search?

Attend Adapt's weekly free Webinar to learn how you can use search engine marketing software such as Adapt SEM to manage and improve your PPC campaigns, without spending a bundle on management fees.

In each week's webinar, we'll cover topics like:

- how to use software for most of the manual work in PPC campaigns
- incorporating technology into your existing workflow
- using software to research competitors and improve your own campaigns

All attendees to each week's Webinar receive a discount for an Adapt SEM subscription.

There's no cost and no obligation to attend! Join the next one to see how you can get help managing PPC.

Register online at http://www.adapt.com/lp/webinar1a/?utm_source=upcom&utm_medium=listing

Official Website: http://www.adapt.com/lp/webinar1a/?utm_source=upcom&utm_medium=listing

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