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Recently I've been working with quite a few clients who have been fighting to keep ahead of the enormous amount of unstructured data. For them, the challenge is that the economic crisis has resulted in massive layoffs, reassignment of responsibilities and altered business models. That leaves an enormous gap in their ability to respond to regulatory issues, reduce costs through operational efficiency, and in general maintain effective management of their IT resources.

Please join me for a discussion of this concept and a review of a possible software tool that can help us provide more effective client solutions. I've scheduled a webinar for February 9th, 2010 at 1pm EST to discuss this idea I'm developing. I'm hoping you can help clarify some of my thoughts and provide some critique of the process. As you know, my style is to make each of us better consultants by sharing our knowledge and abilities. I hope you can join me. A financial incentive will be offered to those who participate.

Official Website: http://bit.ly/consulting-webinar

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