Astor Place
New York City, New York 10001 presents Riots, Protests & Rebellion

From the African- and Native-American uprisings of the 1700's and gang riots of the 1800's, to the birth of the labor union and 20th century counter-culture, the Lower East Side has served as the backdrop for dozens of infamous riots, protests and labor-union strikes, and home to socio-political groups, communists, anarchists, home-grown terrorists, and general anti-establishment folk throughout history; rebellions over food, jobs, housing, labor rights, drafts, national pride, and more have mobilized tens of thousands of people at a time, often resulting in numerous deaths and casualties. On this tour, you will see the sites, and hear the stories of some of the most dramatic of these events; from the Astor Place riot of 1849 and the labor union strikes of the early-20th century, to Abbie Hoffman's publicity stunts of the 1960s, the squatter evictions of the 1980s and Tompkins Square riot of 1988 -- and everything in-between.

Fee: Free/ tip suggested if you enjoy, but no one is turned away!
Directions: 6 train to Astor Place, N or R train to 8th St/Broadway stop
Schedule: Tuesdays and Sundays at 11:00am
Reservations: Not required

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