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You can watch your iPad Video Lessons at your own convenience. If you just watch 11 minutes a day during your ritual cup of coffee, you’ll quickly and easily gain an understanding of your iPad. http://wod.igg.com/load/v2/?type=glispa&cid=132&key=CD3848.786561585

Plus, I’ll show you untapped features that you would never even think to google-search.

Admit to yourself that you’ve already struggled a bit figuring out some stuff on your iPad. I know I did at first too. I spent month and months reading, experimenting, searching online, and talking to other iPad owners. Sometimes, I had to throw my hands up in frustration. Now, I can save you all that time by quickly and visually showing you how to do EVERYTHING you want to do with your iPad.
- Jason Kiln

Added by Angal Froge on January 22, 2013

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