New York City, New York

FREE TO SEE - World Tai Chi Qigong Day in Central Park

World Tai Chi Qigong Day (this is in or around)Central Park at 97th
Street and Fifth Avenue.

Saturday, April 24th at 10:00 sharp will begin a mass simultaneous
demonstration with hundreds of people from many schools that practice
QiGong (Chee-goohng). Then there will be special demonstrations by
teachers and students showing a variety of styles and forms.
It's scheduled to conclude around 1 PM. (Rain Date is May 1st).

(The teacher, who will be doing a special presentation at the event,
teaches QiGong classes on Saturday's for 2 hours from 10am -12pm.
Very affordable. Great for men and women of all ages, as well as
beginners and the more experienced. Anyone can do it. You can even
watch or take a class for free before deciding if it's for you or
not. So there's no pressure whatsoever. Please email me if you're
serious about wanting more information about this class.)

Hope you enjoy the event.

Special Demonstrations:

1) Ahn Tai Chi Studio: Double Knife ,Push Hands, Rooting Power
2) American Taoist Qigong Natural Health Center: Tai Chi Sword,Tai
Chi Knife 3) Asian Martial Arts Institute: Two Sided Cheng Man Ching
4) Ba-Gua Zhang Research & Boxing Assoc: Free style Combination Ba-
Gua form
5) Best Chinese Qigong Tui-na: Qigong
6) Brothers of Wudang: BaGuaZhang Needles Form (weapon), Yin Style Ba
Gua 8 Qigong palms, Ba Gua Zhang Sword Form, BaGuaZhang Circle Wal
7) Caring Hands Tai Chi: Push Hands ? Tournament Sport vs. Martial
Arts Styles
8) Central Park North Meadow Recreation Center Tai Chi: Children Demo
9) Elmhurst Tai Chi: Mu Lan Sword (Lena Chen), Tai Chi Sword (group),
10) Full Life Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Association: Xiao Jia Form
11) Healing Tao of New York: Wu Dang Tai Chi
12) Heart Mind Martial Arts: Ba Gua Zhang (Eight Trigrams Palm) ,
Xing Yi Quan (Intention Form Fist)
13) Hua Mountain Kung Fu: Two person Yang set San Shou , Chen Spear
14) I-Liq Chuan: Spinning and Sticky hands
15) International Da Cheng Dao: Dachengquan Jian Wu
16) Morning Sun Chinese Martial Arts Center: Qigong ,Tai Chi Pushing
17) Morningstar Tai Chi: Straight Sword
18) New York Yang Family Hidden Tradition: Da Lu
19) NY Toishan China Tai Chi Association: 32 Yang Form Tai Chi Sword
20) Patience Tai Chi Assoc: Beginner's Push Hands Neutralization
21) Shaolin Wushu Center: Monk Form, Group Sword Form
22) Six Harmony Martial Arts Academy: Chen Style Pushing Hands
23) Stress Defense Tai Chi: Open Heart Qigong
24) Tai Chi Chih ? Manhattan: Tai Chi Chih
25)TanDao (Dragon Kids) Martial Arts: TanDao Animal Transformations
26)Teasley's Traditional School of Wu Shu: Wu Dang Double Hook
Sword , Two-Person Tai Chi Straight Sword vs. Straight Sword ,Zhao
Bao Tai Chi Quan-do ,Wu Dang Straight Sword
27)Tse Qigong Centre: Wild Goose Qigong
28)Universal Form
29)Vortex Taijiquan: Push Hands
30)Wu Mei Gongfu on the Upper West Side: Heaven's Wind Sword (Tin
Fung Gim)
31)Ying Jow Pai Wu Tai Chi Chuan: Dai Gong Gee Siu Lum Quan (Shaolin



Get information on the global event at

Held in all 50 US states and 60 nations the last Saturday of April.

ALL are invited.

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