1 Alexander (Gastown)
Vancouver, British Columbia

The next organizational meeting for freethenet.ca. Drop by if you want to contribute or you're just plain interested. The agenda is on our Wiki page please edit it with any other things you'd like to discuss. We will have a limited number of Meraki nodes for sale by pre-order and first come first serve. Please fill this out to dramatically increase your chance of getting one.

Official Website: http://vancouver.freethenet.ca/

Added by Smith Milner on October 15, 2007



why? when we have http://www.fon.com/ ?


FON does not use mesh, so you can't easily cover wide areas. Each FON needs it's own Internet connection. FON is a large corporation, and we can't do interesting local community stuff with it.


I was there tonight, but could not find Bryght's Office.


Sorry you missed us! The office is entered from the side -- Chill Winston is #5 Alexander, and you need to walk around.

Next time will be mid to late November, and we have lots of interesting stuff to announce. Watch the website!