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Boston, Massachusetts

Don't forget that July 11th (7/11) is free Slurpee day! When you visit any participating 7-Eleven store, you can receive a free 7.11 oz Slurpee!
This summer, all 200 New England 7-Eleven stores are going to be experiencing serious brain freze with new energetic citrus-y Slurpee flavors like Ironman Amp Energy Slurpee and Guitar Hero Full Throttle, among other new flavors to be unveiled this summer. Please visit for a store locator, interactive games, trivia, and much more.

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Added by stephanieflynn41 on April 24, 2008


Erik Mallinson

I woke up today at 7:11 AM. I also got a Slurpee, though I don't really like them that much.


While you’re at it, pick up a larger-sized Slurpee with a 7-11 Cup Rewards Code, good for points redeemable for in-game gifts on Facebook’s popular Farmville, Yoville and Mafia Wars games. T-shirts, music downloads and other promotional items pop up from time to time on 7-11′s Rewards site, Points range from 1 point for a small Slurpee cup to 4 points for an extra large cup.