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liam mceneaney's writings (w/ music)

inside every writer, a performer longs to come out. every comedian longs to be a musician. every musician longs to be a comedian. this wednesday, we fulfill all these longings and desires as we present a show where some of comedy's best writers read while one of nyc's premier jazz bands improvises behind them

hosted by liam mceneaney

colin jost
is a writer for nbc's "saturday night live"

amelie gillette
is a writer for "the onion" and pens their popular "the hater" column

bob powers
is a staff writer for and will be publishing his second book this summer, "you are a miserable excuse for a hero"

with live music from
evan silverman's jazzhole
evan graduated with a bachelor's in jazz music; he has toured in support of such acts as echo &the bunnymen and bob dylan

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