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Free Session: In-the-Brain of Peter Rodgers on - going beyond REST - Nov 28th

Join Peter Rodgers for this free in-the-brain session on what lies beyond REST.

REST describes an architectural style that has helped propel the World Wide Web to its current level of success. For the last eight years Peter has explored what lies beyond and will introduce you to the VERY excisting concept of Resource Oriented Computing – a unification of the Web and Unix.

Learn at this session how Resource Oriented Computing (ROC) is being used today by companies to build high-performance systems in a fraction of the time and code required by Java J2EE and other approaches. Upon completion of this free In-the-Brain session, you will understand how ROC systems are more malleable, run faster, scale with CPU cores and can be composed in record time.

Join us for this exciting session! Participation is free for registered attendees.

Register here: http://skillsmatter.com/going-beyond-rest/pcd/1502

Session Details are as follows:

Talk: Going Beyond REST

Speaker: Peter Rodgers

Date: Wednesday, 28th November 2007

Time: 18:30-20:30

Skills Matter
1 Sekforde Street
London EC1R 0BE

Registration: http://skillsmatter.com/going-beyond-rest/pcd/1502

Official Website: http://skillsmatter.com/going-beyond-rest/pcd/1502

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