1529 16th Street NW
Washington, D.C., District of Columbia 20036

FREE pick-up Dodgeball
Come one, come all in the name of ¡FUN!

Thursday, April 5th @ 6pm
Washington DCJCC, indoor court
1529 16th Street NW; Washington, DC
(metro: Dupont Circle, Q Street exit)

Games will be played with foam balls that unlike the red rubber balls won't bring back playground nightmares from days of old :-)

No matter how you look at it. . . dodgeball is a common denominator of ¡ F U N !

Eustis Clay on dodgeball:

"In the golden age of civilization, people used to get angry at each other and fight. Then after they fought, they'd apologize and everything was back to normal. It was a beautiful cycle of conflict and resolution. Stress levels were amazingly low. If things like sanitation and medicine had been what they were today, I have no doubt that human life expectancy would have been somewhere around 125 years. Stress kills.

We live in a world that needs dodgeball. Everyday we create more and more stress in our lives. What's worse, at the same time we are creating this stress, we are limiting our means of relieving that stress. Violent behavior, the most effective means of relieving stress, is slowly becoming passé. Outbursts of belligerence are now resulting in dirty looks, counseling and even legal action. We're supposed to talk about our feeling rather than just act on our impulses. The only problem with this method is that it doesn't work. Cue dodgeball.

Dodgeball has no deadlines. Dodgeball has no demands. Dodgeball isn't looking to step over you on its way to the top. Dodgeball cares. It's violent enough to enjoy, but harmless enough to pass for a recreational activity. It is truly the American game. Oh sure, it teaches life lessons about hard work and cooperation like all those other sports, but unlike the others it has somehow managed to remain pure. "

Official Website: http://www.hungeraction.org

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