New York
New York, New York

Dinner followed by music and dance. Gifts will be distributed. New Year couple will be elected. Make your reservation today by visiting our website. Cost: free. Limit: 2 people maximum.

Official Website:

Added by lovesourceonline on August 29, 2008



Are you going to be e-mailing the location?


it is in times square---like it is EVERY year since i can remember


are u going to mailing the location to me? may i bring some my friend with me ? let me know thank's


will you be giving out party favors or can I bring my own,I'll be by myself this year, I lost my wife 6 years ago, so I think it's time for me to fun with the fire works,


sorry to hear about ur wife have fun tonight and a very happy new year!!!!


Sorry to burst your bubbles.but this is a bogus event. The site does not show anything as far as a New Year's Party. It is a dating site that is looking for donations.
Anyways, have a wonderful and safe New Years!