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Wonder why others score 700+ and get into the school of their top choice? Join us for this free workshop and receive a welcome package of Manhattan Review?s exclusive reports: GMAT in a Nutshell & MBA Admissions in a Nutshell! You will hear a comprehensive MBA Admissions overview and a detailed GMAT section by section introduction, followed by an extensive Q&A session and an illustrative teaching session.

The next event will be held on:

? Thursday night, April 6, 2006 at 7:30 pm at our office in the Graybar building

To secure your seat at one of these info sessions, please call us at 212-997-1660 or sign up for free at http://www.manhattanreview.com/students/free-registration/.

Since our inception five years ago, we have always been regarded as the premier provider in the GMAT test prep niche while many others have less tailored programs and are geared towards for the mass market. A large percentage of our students score 700+. We have a network of highly satisfied repeat customers all over the US, England and continental Europe. The company headquarters is in the Graybar building at Grand Central in New York City?s Midtown area. All our New York classes are held on site in our Grand Central location.

Manhattan Review was founded by Dr Joern Meissner with a team of graduates from Columbia Business School?s Ph.D. and MBA programs. Unlike most of our competitors, Manhattan Review?s founding team members have a unique blend of academic achievement, MBA teaching experience, and career success after graduating from top-notch business schools.

At the session, you will also receive a welcome package of Manhattan Review?s exclusive course materials and reports:

* GMAT in a Nutshell (20 pages)
* MBA Admissions in a Nutshell (30 pages)
* A one-time special discount of $100 off our long course & $50 off our crash course!

As the number of participants is limited to assure a private setting, please secure your place in the Free GMAT Info Session now by signing up at our website. We look forward to sharing with you our GMAT, MBA, and career success stories, experiences and advice!

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected] or call us at (212) 997 1660!

Our office address is:

The Graybar Building

420 Lexington Ave. (off 44th St.)

Ste.# 2310

New York, NY 10170


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