500 East Coronado Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85004

Phoenix Objectivists will host a screening of the documentary "Free Market Cure" that demonstrates the evils and dangers of socialized medicine.

Hollywood and politicians of both political parties are gearing up to bring socialized medicine to the U.S. using the excuse of "universal healthcare". Americans should be aware that government-run health care means high taxes, medical rationing - and waiting lists to obtain a variety of medical services from specialists, diagnostic tests and to receive surgery.

"Free Market Cure" demonstrates not only the evils of socialized medicine by pointing to real life examples of its ill effects but also raises an important issue: People should be free make their own medical decisions without interference by government.

America's healthcare system needs a strong dose of capitalism to cure the ills associated with our country's regulated healthcare sector.

Official Website: http://phoenixobjectivists.blogspot.com

Added by VivaJefferson on February 11, 2008

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