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free 2-h. eco-marketing workshop: Sep. 26, 7-9PM


I want to invite you to special two hour event that I'm hosting called
- "The Way of the Radical Business" led by Tad Hargrave to learn how
you can grow your green, community minded or holistic business with
selling out or losing your integrity.

This workshop will give you get 'unstuck' and find a whole new way of
looking at growing your business that doesn't require flushing your
money down the toilet on ads or expensive marketing campaigns. Tad
specializes in effective, low/no cost, word of mouth marketing

WHAT: "The Way of the Radical Business" - a free 2 hour marketing
workshop for hippies

WHEN: Wed., Sep. 26th, 7-9PM
WHERE: Jane Doe Marketplace and Cafe

For more info and to enroll:

It's a free marketing workshop for green and conscious business owners
like you. It's an introductory event to the weekend training he'll be
doing in town on Sep. 27th-30th.

I hope you might be able to attend the weekend itself but if you
aren't sure - I'd like to invite you to this intro event to meet Tad
and get a sense of whether the event would be of help or not.

But don't worry: it's not a two hour sales pitch. You don't have to
sign up for anything. You can even sit in the back and skulk out early
if you think it's bad.

Here's a sneak preview of what you'll learn:

* the difference between your inner marketing game and your outer
game (and which one 90% of businesses totally ignore)
* the three critical criteria to developing a strong target market or niche
* how you can craft an irresistible offer that will compel your
ideal clients to buy from you in ways they never have
* the massive importance of identifying 'hubs' for your business
(and the three critical criteria of a good one)
* the difference between active and passive word of mouth (and how
you can create substantial, positive word of mouth for your business


Tad Hargrave is one of North America's younger and more unusual
marketing consultants. His work has had him featured as one of twenty
leading young change makers in North America in Utne Magazine.

He has traveled all around the continent speaking and giving workshops
to conscious entrepreneurs just like yourself who are struggling to
grow their businesses.
For more info and to enroll:


What makes him so unusual? In my mind, a few things:

* GREEN BUSINESS FOCUS: He only works with businesses that are
some strong mix of the following: green, ethical, community minded,
locally owned, holistic and conscious.

* PAY WHAT YOU CAN: His two and a half day workshop - The Radical
Business Intensive has no set fee. The industry average is about
$1673. Tad runs his workshops on a Pay What You Can basis. You only
pay in the last 7minutes based on what you can afford. No pressure. No
suggested amount. No questions asked. Hard to believe but absolutely

* ENTERTAINING: He is hilarious. He's been doing semi-professional
improv and sketch comedy since 1991, and close up magic since 1989.
And he brings these qualities to the workshop. You will laugh hard
this weekend.

* SMALL GROUPS: His workshops are limited to a maximum of 20
people (or so) to ensure that all participants have the opportunity to
get one on one attention from him.

* AMAZING MATERIALS: His materials are - frankly - to die for.
When you enroll you receive over 500 pages of some of the most
profound, provocative and practical marketing insights you may ever
read written to and for conscious entrepreneurs like you.

* NO HYPE: In a day and age where there's so much hype and
hyperbole and every new seminar is "THE BEST thing ever!!!!" Tad has a
very warm, low key and down to earth vibe. No hype. No pressure. No
tricky salesmanship.

Tad isn't often in town leading free workshops so don't miss this opportunity!

For more information (and to find out how to get access to a special
101 page ebook "The Way of the Radical Business" and over 2 hours of
free video marketing coaching even if you can't attend) go to:


Warm regards,
Cody Torgerson

p.s. REMEMBER: There's no cost to the event.

For more info and to enroll: www.tadhargrave.com/freeintro

Official Website: http://www.tadhargrave.com/freeintro

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