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QCon in Finance eXchange, organised by Skills Matter and QCon, is a FREE one day event that returns to the finance sector to provide a forum to discuss some of the latest innovations, best practices and architectural challenges facing IT. The day is aimed at developers, managers, architects, vendors and consultants with a vested interest in making IT work within Finance.

Attendance is free for registered participants. Register now:

The programme covers a wide variety of topics, effectively from the customer backwards. Are you leveraging the web to give your customers cutting-edge real-time networking? Are your applications taking advantage of component-based techniques? What lessons have been learnt moving datacentres into the cloud? How do you build fault tolerant systems with Erlang? What techniques are being used to capture, load, analyse, slice and dice large volumes of data for market risk?

Speakers include:
Cleve Gibbon (welcome)
Rod Johnson (Enterprise Java)
Eric Evans (DDD)
Matt Deacon (Cloud)
Neil Bartlett (OSGi)
Erik Stenman (Erlang)
Dominique Delarue (BNP)
Brian Oliver (Coherence)
Jonas Jacobi (Comet)
Jim Kennedy & Gordon Weir (UBS)

QCon in Finance eXchange is free but places are limited. Sign up now to avoid disappointment!

Official Website:

Added by Skills Matter on September 12, 2008