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The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil focuses on Cuba's transition from an industrial petroleum-based society to a sustainable society, as a result of their loss of petroleum when their source, the Soviet Union, collapsed. With less than 2 weeks notice, Cubans were faced with a 90% reduction in petroleum based products. With no food being delivered to stores because of fuel shortages for transportation, on average most Cubans lost 20 lbs. Lawns and public parks were turned into vegetable gardens.

This era of Cuban history is called "The Special Period" a time which radically transformed the Cuban society and economy, as it necessitated the successful introduction of sustainable agriculture, decreased use of automobiles, and overhauls of industry, health, and diet. Relocalization, permaculture, and innovative modes of mass transit had to be rapidly developed.

"Everyone who is concerned about Peak Oil needs to see this film. Cuba survived an energy famine during the 1990's, and how it did so constitutes one of the most important and hopeful stories of the past not just of individual achievement, but one of the collective mobilization of an entire society to meet an enormous challenge."
Richard Heinberg, author of The Party's Over, Powerdown

Socializing at 6pm, film starts at 7pm.


Official Website: http://greenplanetfilms.org/information.php?info_id=71

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