3010 W. Harvard St.
Santa Ana, California 92704

Introductory Chinese language classes presented free of charge by the Venerable Master Minh Thanh (Sư Minh Thành). Học tiếng Hoa cơ ban miễn phi. Maximum 20 students.

Register by 01.Mar.2009 on at the center or by calling 1-909-587-3920 or emailing [email protected]

Added by admarshall on February 3, 2009



I spoke to you yesterday master. I am a Santa Ana resident, speak: English, Spanish, Japanese and some Italian and Portugues, I want really to learn so much CHinese!!! Mandarin. I want to learn with you locally. I'm going to bring couple of friends if I can some of my students also, and will help you to promote the class....I will buysome text and dictionary and I already have some cd's. I know few characters already, and want to teach really learn a lot.
Talk to you later. Looking forward to meet you in class.