361 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11211

Expect Comedy and Music to go hand-in-hand all night long!

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Fred Armisen
NYC comedian Fred Armisen began his career as a musician in the Chicago-based post-punk band Trenchmouth as well as playing with Blue Man Group. His transition to comedy came with the 1998 underground short film “Fred Armisen’s Guide to Music and SXSW” which followed him through “South By Southwest Music Festival” posing as a music journalist. He is currently in his fourth season on Saturday Night Live.

Petra Haden
Petra was born into a musical family. At age seven, after seeing Captain Kangaroo playing the violin on T.V., Petra decided to take up the instrument herself. Although she quit the violin in 7th grade, she started imitating instruments, and doing impressions of people such as Edith Bunker, Billie Holiday, Vinny Barbarino, and even Ronald Reagan. Hence her love for singing. she started playing again when she was 20. She's turned her fixation on Captain Kangaroo's favorite instrument into a career of her own, playing, and singing with some of the big names of alternative jazz and rock for the last 15 years.

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