119 Utah Street
San Francisco, California 94103

DJ Swamp (Former Beck sideman leads an AllStar cast of eclectic DJs and Performance Artists)

WHAT: Freaksgiving: a Tryptophan-induced dancefloor massacre
WHO: DJ Swamp (Beck) myspace.com/djswamp
PERFORMANCE ART BY: Vau de Vire Society (vaudeviresociety.com)
DJ SUPPORT: Adrian & the Mysterious D (Booty SF- rebeldjs.com), DJ Zeph (OM Hip Hop), Wolfie (HipGenesis LA), Motion Potion (myspace.com/motionpotion), Victor Vega, Mycho, Big Dolla, D. Mack
WHEN: Friday, Novermber 24 2006 | Doors at 10pm till 4am
WHERE: MIGHTY | 119 Utah St San Francisco CA | 415.626.7001
GENERAL INFO: www.sunsetpromotions.net.
PRESS INFO: Scott Simoneaux | [email protected] | 323.969.04041
TICKETS: $10 adv. at www.sunsettickets.com

Sunset Promotions and the Fringe present another Tryptophan- induced Thanksgiving massacre at Mighty on November 24th, 2006. This time we welcome the world's greatest shock jock; heavy rock and bass turntablist and former Beck backer DJ Swamp. The fun continues with the performance-art mayhem of Vau de Vire Society, and the musical mayhem by Booty SF mashup heroes Adrian and the Mysterious D, underground hip hop legend DJ Zeph, eclecticist Motion Potion, LA hero DJ Wolfie, and the Fringe DJ crew.

DJ Swamp began mastering his DJ skills more than 15 years ago, taking the title of USA DMC CHAMPION in 1996, his first entry into the contest. At a hip hop dominated scene, Swamp stepped to the decks looking like some kind of junky metal punk yet exhibited skills that defied perception and a stage presence that many of his contemporaries still lacked. The finale came when he closed his set by freakin' Deep Purple's 'Smoke on the Water' and then smashing his records. This was just the beginning for a DJ whose shows walk the line between mischief, mayhem and spectacle.

Although he's a hip-hop/d&b artist, he has been referred to as "the Sid Vicious of the DJ's", for his occasionally violent on-stage fits more characteristic of a rock star. Roguish behaviors such as: breaking his records then cutting himself with the fragmented remains; spitting fire; and performing cunnilingus on diamond-tipped phonograph needles really only provide the frame work to showcase what those that are in the 'know' recognize as extraordinary turntable skills. Urb magazine says "Witnessing Swamp torture the 1200’s is like watching a magic show." Breakbeats, scratching, juggling, and mutilating LPs and vinyl without losing the beat are all a part of a day at the 'office' for Swamp. Sometimes they end with a trip to the hospital: "I had to go to the hospital in Phoenix recently with second-degree burns," Swamp said from his publicist's office in New York. "I lit my hand on fire and then blew fire on it and basically became a blow torch. I don't use fire retardant or anything because this is low budget. Dude, I'm just a fire retard."

For four years DJ swamp toured as a member of Beck's band but left to release his solo debut album, 'never is now' and toured to back the release. His decision to go out on his own gave him just the independence that he was looking for and opened up the avenue to self-expression that both he and the fans were seeking. Swamp says that he draws off of his environment and a ten year affinity with a nameless muse for inspiration. He observes "what's going on" and converts his impressions into his art. His musical influences range from hip hop, to metal, punk, industrial and anything in between.

The Vau de Vire Society is a massive cast of acrobats, dancers and actors who have thrilled audiences throughout the country with their burlesque-circus shenanigans. Adrian and the Mysterious D. are nearly as notorious and perhaps becoming more celebrated as their recent feature ion SFWeekly would suggest. For several years, the “Rebel Djs” have hosted the monthly “Booty” party fostering an explosion in mashups and bastard pop. The duo will play an extended set of party music immediately after DJ Swamp. Preceeding Swamp will be local underground hip hop legend DJ Zeph, who will make a now rare solo DJ set after more than a year performing with MC Azeem as “Alpha-Zeta” Zeph’s DJ sets are the epitome of the classic hip hop breakbeat model; unfolding corners of funk, rock and jazz records with fresh acapellas and timly samples. The seamless elucidation of funk belies the frenetic effort behind the tables as Zeph upholds the lost art of vinyl. If there’s a lost art to playing “eclectic music seamlessly” Motion Potion has mastered that; with sets that combine obscure rock, funk, and jazz through dance-music beat standards. Fresh off a 4-night Halloween residency at the Vegoose Festival in Las Vegas, “the DJ for people who hate Djs” recently opened for the Mutaytor at the Fillmore and appeared at 1015 Folsom’s legendary GetFreaky Party. The Fringe is an art collective dedicated to “bringing culture to the counterculture” and their DJs will drop a wide variety of beats in the back room.

VENUE: Mighty – 119 Utah Street – San Francisco, CA
DATE: November 24th, 2006
SHOW: 10 pm
CONTACT: Scott Simoneaux 323.969-0401 ext. 203
[email protected]
WEBSITE: www.sunsettickets.com
MYSPACE: myspace.com/djswamp


Official Website: http://sunsetpromotions.net/evinfo.php?eventid=13538&sid=

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