525 W Santa Clara
San Jose, CA, California 95113

A lot of trash talking surrounds this hotly anticipated MMA event in San Jose. It's actually the first sanctioned event in CA since MMA was legalized here last month. Check out some of these quotes:

?This guy came out and challenged me, hid behind his name, hid behind his students and, now, I?m finally gonna get a crack at him,? said Shamrock of his opponent and the feud that has been brewing between the two for the last two years. ?I?ve always wanted to fight a Gracie and they?ve always ran from me but, suddenly, this one?s gone nuts so I?m gonna take care of him.?

?This is a great opportunity for me to showcase my skills,? said Gracie. ?Of course there?s a lot of pressure in terms of upholding the family legacy but, ultimately, the only person I can represent is me and I?m going to do that and show the world what I?m made of when I come face to face with Frank.?

Snipped from http://www.mmafighting.com/news/2006/shamrock_vs_gracie.html

Tickets go on sale Jan 28th at Ticketmaster.

Also on the fight card:
Cung Le
Josh "The Punk" Thomson
Eugene Jackson

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I realized that i'm going to be going to etech/sxsw instead. :(


Maybe it's up to us to bring full contact fighting to the tech conferences. Nerd Fight! Nerd Fight!


My pick for the 3rd floor cage match would be Vince "Mania" Maniago.