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Francoise Breut
The acclaimed, unique, French performer whos previous collaborations include Yann Tierson (Amelie) Joey Burns (Calexico) and Herman Dune, returns with her stunning third album, Une Saison Voleacute;e (A Stolen Season). As with her previous two outings, Une Saison Voleacute;e sounds impossibly exotic to the non-French speaking Englishman, with Breut sultry and sexy vocals again transporting the listener on a cinematic journey . The finesse of the arrangements brings out everything the voice has to show, a voice that caresses each syllable with a languid, velvet touch.

Kreg Viesselman
American songwriter' - that's Kreg's preferred description of himself.
He's an artist who consciously sidesteps being labelled or categorized,
but his career as restless troubadour and observer of life places him
firmly in the classic US songwriter tradition that stretches back to the
1960s, and beyond. Kreg's previous independently released CDs,
demonstrated his music's development from stripped-down folk-blues toward a warmer,
richer blend of styles - a hint of Southern gospel/soul here, a Celtic lilt there -
and with THE PULL, the music of Kreg Viesselman reaches full maturity.

Added by tom.ogden on February 7, 2006

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