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The Commonwealth Club of California presents a lecture with historian Bernard von Bothmer, author of "Framing the Sixties: The Use and Abuse of a Decade from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush."

In his insightful historical analysis of the decade, von Bothmer interviewed over 120 key figures such as James A. Baker, Edwin Meese, Michael Dukakis, Bill Bradley, Robert Bork, Arthur Schlesinger, Noam Chomsky, Bob Woodard and others to explore how the 1960s continue to shape presidential politics.

Bernard von Bothmer teaches American history at the University of San Francisco and at Dominican University of California. He received a BA with honors from Brown University, an MA from Stanford University, and a PhD in American history from Indiana University.

Here is what others have to say about Framing the Sixties:

"Framing the Sixties is a smart, important and impressively researched account of the decade that far too often is reduced to clich├ęs by the left and the right. This book will be invaluable to anyone eager to know the real story behind the political and cultural consequences of that tumultuous time."
Tom Brokaw, author of Boom! Talking About the Sixties

For more information on his book go to www.framingthesixties.com

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