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the sex movie

A zippy, light and satisfying opening sequence gives way to a sexuality-exploring conversation of epic proportions. Four old friends somewhat reluctantly find themselves in alternating positions of security and discomfort, self-assurance and uncertainty as they weave their way through issues of sexual preference, gender identity and body image. Reminiscent of a junior high slumber party, replete with cunning remarks and agenda-laden party games, the evening takes dark turns as the spotlight is focused on each friend’s hang-ups, assumptions and secrets.

Hardened stereotypes are thrown open as a breast-phobic gay man, a male-bashing lesbian, a rampant bisexual and a cocksure straight guy duke it out in words and actions. Following the barely hidden ulterior motive of the hostess, every combination of physical and emotional exploration is addressed. Safety, modesty and decorum are casualties in a quick-fire barrage of tense, catty and downright mean behavior. Bitterness, resentment and jealousy mingle dangerously with personal histories, secret desires and old flames to serve as excuses to make up and make out.

A lonely couple meet in a laundromat, where their clumsy attempt at a sexual liaison leads to revelations, embarrassments, and a little bit of compassion in the short Girl Cleans Sink.


GIRL CLEANS SINK dir Sook-Yin Lee 2004 Canada 10 min video
the sex movie dir Colton Lawrence 2006 USA 83 min video

Eligible for the Dockers® First Feature Award

Official Website: http://www.frameline.org/festival/30th/filmsevents.html

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