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What's Up, Scarlet?

Opposites clash in this very funny story. Scarlet Zabrinski (Susan Priver) is a workaholic L.A. matchmaker whose harried life gets even more complicated when she’s rear-ended by Sabrina (Musetta Vander), a homeless actress with a foreign accent. Touched by Sabrina’s apparent helplessness, Scarlet offers her a place to stay for the night—and opens a Pandora’s box of comic complications.

Adding to Scarlet’s woes are her controlling mother (Sally Kirkland), who’s determined to see her married, and her neurotic, pot-smoking brother, Ben (Jere Burns), who blows his top when Scarlet unwittingly matches him up with a porn star. It’s Wedding Planner meets Crash meets Wedding Banquet as Scarlet contends with straight dates, client complaints and her own highly polished hard edges

Can Scarlet maintain her determination to dominate every dicey situation? Can the free-spirited Sabrina find work as an actress, despite uncooperative (and scary) casting directors? And what will happen when these two find themselves in the throes of a mutual attraction that beckons them into the uncharted territory of unexpected love?


WHAT’S UP, SCARLET? dir Anthony Caldarella 2005 USA 84 min video

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