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Another Gay Movie

Here it is! Yet another totally crass and absolutely un-P.C. movie about a group of high school boys who want to get laid, an unapologetic glorification of wanton nudity and gratuitous sexual humor —except that these guys are gay.

This is not a“ touching story of being true to yourself,” nor the“ moving drama of one man’s struggle against oppression.” Instead, Another Gay Movie relishes its own perversity and refreshingly offers no lessons other than the dangers of excessive enemas. And it’s great! Because sometimes we gays want the tears of a Brokeback Mountain, but sometimes we just want to laugh.

College-bound Andy (Michael Carbonaro) is always horny, but his mother’s (Lypsinka) cucumbers aren’t hitting the spot. So he makes a pledge with his friends, jock Jared (Jonathon Chase), flamboyant Nico (Jonah Blechman) and bookish Griff (Mitch Morris), to get the real thing before summer ends. While Andy is hot for his teacher (Graham Norton), the others are still seeking the right someone to break them in. In the quest for a good lay, they meet an assortment of characters from across the gay spectrum, including porn star Matthew Rush and Survivor Richard Hatch. None are immune from director Todd Stephens’ (Edge of Seventeen) wicked satire.

Another Gay Movie makes everything else seem tame. As one character says,“ ‘Queer as Folk,’ eat your @#$) heart out!”


ANOTHER GAY MOVIE dir Todd Stephens 2006 USA 90 min

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