Tucholskystr. 48
Berlin, Bundesland Berlin

If you're around Berlin and you're interested in the web app industry, come out and have a drink with us!

The FOWA crew (http://www.futureofwebapps.com) is touring 11 cities across Europe to encourage all of us to get away from our laptops and have a good ol' fashion night on the town.

It'll be a great chance to meet like-minded web professionals and other people in the web app industry.

Official Website: http://www.futureofwebapps.com/roadtrip

Added by ryan_carson on July 26, 2007



Ryan, as a fall back option may I suggest St. Oberholz for meeting? It is not the greatest place perhaps, but a) it has wifi [if it breaks down, every other guest in the place will cry out loud because everybody has a laptop with them] and it is self service and it has an upper floor which can be reserved.


Thanks Nicole. Is it fairly central?


kind of. and it is very geeky. ;)


Sounds like fun. Some of the Mister Wong team will also be on hand. Bis dann.


So, are we meeting at oberholz or newthinking? Looking forward to the meet-up!