3630 Balboa St at 38th Ave
San Francisco, California

WINNER! of Sundance/indieWIRE Undiscovered Indie Gems Series 2006


The Balboa Theatre proudly presents a special Valentine’s Day screening of FOUR EYED MONSTERS on Wednesday, Feb. 14 at 9:15pm.

FOUR EYED MONSTERS has been nominated for two Spirit Awards: The John Cassavetes Award and Best Cinematography. Also the Recipient of the $50,000 Sundance Channel Audience Award. It is a unique experiment in filmmaking and marketing, while being an entertaining work audiences embrace.

"They have four eyes, two mouths, eight limbs that wrap around themselves. It’s disgusting!" Arin says, as we see images of couples throughout New York City. "But I can’t help but envy them."

Arin is a wannabe filmmaker and highly inexperienced with love, despite the fact that he spends most of his time editing wedding videos. In one of the most populous cities in the world, he is alone and tormented by the beautiful women he sees everywhere. He turns to the Internet. Susan is an art school graduate working as a waitress and suffering from a lack of inspiration. She receives a message from Arin, but since she’s tired of dating, especially online, she suggests that he should just stop by her work.

Arin is too shy to introduce himself. So instead, he follows her home without her knowing and emails her pictures of her mundane daily trudge. She is intrigued.

They decide to meet up, but in an attempt to keep their interaction interesting, they make a pact to not speak to one another. As their romance develops, they only write, draw, email, text, have sex, instant message, and make videos for each other. No talking.
Susan’s creative clouds begin to lift, and Arin’s dry spell has ended. Unfortunately, a new world of more complicated problems is discovered, and they are forced to deal with intimacy as they meld together and create a monster.

And they've continued their story in a series of video podcasts.

“…this innovative chronicle of a truly modern romance also conveys, in a painful, darkly humorous way, a variety of ultra-identifiable truths, including the loneliness often suffered by big-city inhabitants and the complexities of sexual intimacy.” - New York Times

“Fortunately, these artists know how to tap in to the universal longing for acceptance, making for a fresh, witty, and contemporary take on the perennial boy-meets-girl story.” - The Village Voice

“an autobiographical fictional piece about the awkward, tenuous, monumentally inarticulate courtship of the mid-20s filmmakers... an Annie Hall of the 25-year-old set” - Boston Phoenix

Official Website: http://foureyedmonsters.com

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