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Politics at Work: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Let’s face it – office politics is a reality for everyone, regardless of the size of your organization or your position. As professionals we have all dealt with the challenges of doing our job while watching our backs, managing “up”, and dealing with difficult co-workers who treat others around them badly. With all the advances women have made in the workplace, why is this issue still holding us back? Our panel of high tech leaders will share how they have achieved their leadership positions by successfully navigating office politics, amplifying others’ contributions (men and women), and generously supporting high potentials on the leadership track.

These and other questions on navigating politics in the workplace will be explored by our panel this month.
• Facilitator Bobbie LaPorte, RAL & Associates
• Panelist Mercedes De Luca, Global Customer Experience and Chief Information Officer at myShape.com, previously VP of Global IT at Yahoo!
• Panelist Lise E Edwards, Oracle Women's Leadership (OWL), Program Manager, Oracle Human Resources
• Panelist Susan Lai, Senior Director, Finance, Symantec Corporation
• Panelists Eileen Sullivan, Group Director, Cadence

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