1755 Embarcadero Road
Palo Alto, California 94301

Intrapreneurs Speak On Innovation
For this month’s high tech entrepreneurs’ forum, we have invited corporate intrapreneurs to talk about how they are fostering intrapreneurship within their organizations, and how they are partnering with early stage entrepreneurs in their ventures. We will specifically cover the following and other topics of interest to the entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in attendance:

• New collaboration models for academia, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, investors
• IP implications for these new collaboration models
• Collaboration/innovation success stories.

Our panel will feature:
• Facilitator David Chen, Associate, Jones Day
• Panelist Nina Bhatti, Principal Scientist, HP Labs
• Panelist Dr. Cheemin Bo-Lin, CEO, Peritus Partners
• Panelist Matthew Denesuk, Ph.D., Partner, IBM Venture Capital Group
• Panelist Brian Martin, EMC Corporation

Official Website: http://www.sventrepreneurs.com

Added by FountainBlue on October 17, 2008