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Theme and Guest Facilitators: Corporate Sustainability Practices and Its Implications for Entrepreneurs

'Green is the new red, white and blue,' declares Thomas Friedman and other business and community leaders encouraging corporate America to once again take a leadership role, finding opportunities to do well for stakeholders while doing good for the community and environment.

For this month's Clean Energy Entrepreneurs' Forum, we will gather a panel of corporate representatives to talk not only about what their companies are doing to support their bottom line and minimize their carbon footprint overall, but also what the implications are for clean energy entrepreneurs.

Facilitator Jennifer Shepherd, Canyon Snow and Sustainable Silicon Valley

Panelist Lori Duvall, Program Manager, Eco Responsibility, Sun Microsystems, with a corporate perspective

Panelist Alex Sloan from Expansion Capital Partners with a VC's perspective

Panelist Gail Slocum, Attorney with PG&E with a utility perspective

For more information about FountainBlue's Clean Energy Entrepreneurs' Forum and notes from previous sessions, visit http://www.svcleanenergy.com.

To join FountainBlue's free Clean Energy Entrepreneurs' Community, visit http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/SVCleanEnergy.

Entrepreneurs only please.

$18-$25 pre-registered, $30 on-site.

Official Website: http://www.SVCleanEnergy.com

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