902 NW 13th Ave
Portland, Oregon

Founder’s Coffee is a low-key, weekly get together for Portland entrepreneurs to connect with each other. No speakers, no pitches, just business founders gathering together to visit for an hour.

Official Website: http://www.portlandten.com/blog/

Added by PortlandTen on October 25, 2009



I headed out to Portland for this and encountered traffic, which led me to inquire while stuck if it was really meeting. I called the cafe, and they never heard of the gathering. Hmmm. Well, when the traffic didn't let up and I knew I would be late, I turned around. Can anyone confirm that this gathering has wings? The drive from Vancouver makes figuring this out a necessity before I try again next week.


Hi Drew,

Thanks for your comment-- we do meet every Tuesday, look forward to having you drop by in the future.


Carolynn Duncan
Portland Ten

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