795 Valencia Street
San Francisco, California 94110

THE BAR CLOSED AND WENT OUT OF BUSINESS WITH NO NOTICE! After our big opening party they closed shop. Booo!

See http://www.flickr.com/groups/foto2/

We are looking for a new venue. We were able to get our photos out... Thanks for your concern!


Nine Flickr photographers return with another breath of fresh air and not-to-be-missed party at Oxygen Sushi Club in SF. Opening Friday May 5 starting at 6 pm. (dj ExtraLars spins from 8pm on opening Friday 5/5 and closing Saturday 5/27.) Exhibit open evenings from 6:00, Tuesday-Sunday through the last weekend of May. Oxygen Sushi, 795 Valencia Street @ 19th, S.F. --------------------------------------------------------- Participating flickrers: John Curley == Kay Hardy (yuzu) == Rita Harowitz (SeenyaRita) == Deborah Lattimore == Will Luo (willsfca) == Michael McCauslin (michale) == Art Siegel (artolog) == Lester Weiss (ojoblanco) == Gail Ann Williams (fotogail)

Official Website: http://www.flickr.com/groups/foto2/

Added by fotogail on January 30, 2006



Hello...so is the opening party tonight?? When i clicked on the flickr link said opening night 5/5??


oops, we rescheduled ... we're set for May 5, open from 6:00 pm, with DJ and full party scene from 8pm til 11 or later.

Thanks for posting... fixed now!


opening party is May 5, starting at 6. The first one was great fun, hope to see lots of flickr people at this one too!


Ouch, I can't make it either. I am down in LA that weekend. Looking forward to seeing all the next week, however.


oh phooey! We'll soldier on without you guys, but... we'll miss you!


Sorry not to be able to make this. Will be down in Costanoa.

Blogged it here: http://thomashawk.com/2006/05/foto2-oxygen-flickrers-show-in-san.html


Well, we've hung the show and it looks great. For those who can't make the opening, the show is more or less up now (some of us will be adding photos), and will be up through the 27th, so drop in.

Thanks, Thomas, for the kind words and the announcement.


Sad news about this show. Oxygen Sushi closed for good right after the last party people went home. We're taking our photos home today.


well, it was a good party, anyway!