795 Valencia Street
San Francisco, California 94110

See http://www.flickr.com/photos/gail/45029203/

Images by:
John Curley
Kay Hardy (yuzu)
Rita Harowitz (SeenyaRita)
Deborah Latimore
Will Luo (willsfca)
Michael McCauslin (michale)
Art Siegel (artolog)
Lester Weiss (ojoblanco)
Gail Ann Williams (fotogail)

the flickr photostroll that morphed into a cafe show: it's a funny story...

Added by bjorke on September 21, 2005



thanks for listing!

that typo in Deborah's name is my fault.
her last name reads "Lattimore" so if you get a chance, please fix!


Love to see your Sausalito-related photos, linked from your explanatory comment at sausalitobythebay.com and/or at our upcoming group


argh, can't come to reception. Might try to visit on Saturday though! And at least see the pix