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Brussels, Capital Region of Brussels 1000

The traditional FOSDEM beer event at the Roy d'Espagne on Friday night before FOSDEM (see this Upcoming event).

The Roy d'Espagne is a very nice café on the Grand Place in Brussels, certainly one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

As usual, the Estaminet will be reserved for the night.

While coming over to Brussels to attend FOSDEM, don't miss this great opportunity to taste some of the finest beer in Belgium (and, hence, in the world).

You can invade the bar from 17:30 onwards, but feel free to join the party at any time of the evening until the bar closes (well after midnight).

To find the Roy d'Espagne, go to the Grand Place and head for this house (number 1).

If you do manage to get lost somehow, call Philip. He might not be able to help you find the way, but he should be able to find someone who can! :-)

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P.S. I don't know who Philip is. :o)