1111 Memorial Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta

The current situation in Sri Lanka is deteriorating quickly for the Tamil people. The Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) has unilaterally abandoned the internationally mediated ceasefire agreement and has engaged in aerial bombings and artillery shelling of civilians in an intense war on the Tamil minority in the country. This war, which has killed as many as 70,000 Tamil civilians has become more brutal. In 2008 alone, thousands of civilians were killed.

This devastating war has internally displaced over 500,000 Tamils and the Government of Sri Lanka has expelled all local and international NGOs from the war affected areas in the North. They have also placed an economic embargo on all food, medicine, fuel and other essential items reaching the civilians in the affected areas, creating a humanitarian disaster.

Please join us for an information session to find out more about the history of the Tamil struggle, the current crisis and what we can do to help.

When: Sunday, May 24 from 2-4pm
Where: Calgary Area Outdoor Council
(1111 Memorial Drive NW, 2nd floor, entrance is at the south of the builidng)

Following the information session, we will be having a rally outisde of the Calgary Area Outdoor Council along Memorial Drive in support of the Tamil people at 4pm. Please bring signs in support.

Please note: Parking passes are available for the parking lot, come up to the room to get one.
If you require the use of an elevator, please provide us with advance notice.

For more information contact:
[email protected], [email protected], or [email protected]
or go to
http://www.tamilnet.com or http://www.canadiantamilcongress.ca or http://www.acp-cpa.ca/en/HART.html

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