701 First Avenue
Sunnyvale, California CA

Join us for fifteen intense hours of mind-blowing creativity: from the biggest picture of tomorrow's Web to the tiniest picture of nanotechnology, from the nearest view of what's important right now, to the longest view of where we're inexorably going in a few decades—and how to steer and benefit from rapid change instead of being run over by it.

We've learned that you want a highly interactive meeting, so this year we'll be experimenting with a new format including big chunks of time for the Unconference meeting style that's taking the technical world by storm. Inspiration in the mornings—then you take over in the afternoons, crafting your preferred content collaboratively, in real time. Once you get a taste of this level of control, you won't want to go back to a talking-heads conference again.

We'll be meeting in Yahoo's beautiful conference center — thanks, Yahoo! — but only 200 of us can fit. Register now to ensure that you get in the door.

We'll be covering these topics and the ones you add:

• Nanotechnology
◊ Atomically-precise construction & Productive Nanosystems Roadmap. We'll critique the first version and help create an improved one
◊ Near-term nanotech & entrepreneurial action
• Nano careers: when and how to make your move
• Artificial intelligence & cutting-edge software
• Life extension
• Prediction markets & reputation systems
• Social software — Disruptive web technologies
• Open source-style security for the physical world
• Nanotech and privacy/openness
• Accelerating Change
• Human enhancement
• Space development & settlement
• Neurotech
• Synthetic biology
• Patent reform: "Peer to Patent" community patent review
• Add your topic to the wiki

Official Website: http://foresight.org/SrAssoc/2007

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