1800 Old Bayshore Highway
Burlingame, California 94010

July 23-24, 9am to 4pm

The Foreclosure Prevention and Mortgage Relief Seminar is a must attend for anyone who is facing foreclosure, need principal and interest reduction, have failed loan modification, have an upcoming Trustee Sale, or simply need help saving their home.

* Drowning in Debt?
* Worried about losing your home?
* Struggling to pay your bills?
* Trapped by your current mortgage and the loss of your home's value?
* Overburdened by credit card debt & getting notices & Calls from Creditors?

Attend the seminar and get help in making an informed decision in choosing the option that is right for you. The seminar will have important information and 'on the spot' help for underwater homeowners, rental property owners, people burdened by credit card and other debt, and for realtors, tax accountants and attorneys.

The FESPIR Report helps homeowners know their options when it comes to helping save their home. Tim Kirchner, CEO and Founder of the non-profit FESPIR Organization, will discuss Homeowner Options the bank doesn't want you to know about. Come prepared to see and hear an eye-opening presentation with questions and answers about how banks drained the equity out of your home, and what you can do about it.

Patricia Rodriguez, Attorney-At-Law, and Dean Newton, CEO JUSTusDEBT, will present The FORECLOSURE SHIELD(TM), the premier way of protecting your home while negotiating with your bank and working out affordable monthly payments. If you are facing foreclosure, or your home is at or near a Trustee Sale, you need to learn about The Foreclosure Shield(TM). It may save your home.

Share this with everyone who would benefit from attending this seminar. Find out how the fespir report and the FORECLOSURE SHIELD(TM) can be tools to save your home from foreclosure and lower your monthly bills to help keep the house. The seminar is free to attend. However, due to limited seating please reserve your seat now by visiting http://www.DebtReliefConference.com

Official Website: http://23july2011.eventbrite.com/

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