6712 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90028

Wednesday, July 30 - 8:00 PM

Special Screening!

Digitally Restored! FORBIDDEN ZONE, 1982, 74 min. Dir. Richard Elfman. A mysterious door leads to the Sixth Dimension -- get ready for a wild ride - in the greatest cult classic of all time. Beautiful young "Frenchy" (Marie-Pascale Elfman) slides through cosmic intestines into a subterranean world ruled by horny midget King Fausto (Herve Villechaize) and his jealous Queen Doris (Susan Tyrrell). "Chicken-boy" (Matthew Bright, director of FREEWAY) comes to the rescue, only to have his head cut off by the soul-singing Devil himself -- played by Danny Elfman and the original Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo. Frog butlers, topless princesses, and rioting school kids sing and dance in unforgettable musical numbers by Danny Elfman, Cab Calloway, Josephine Baker and others. An experience guaranteed you will never forget! Now in mind-boggling color! Newly remixed Dolby Digital 6 track stereo.

Discussion following with director Richard Elfman and Susan Tyrrell (Queen Doris, Ruthy-Squeezit's mom); Gene Cunningham (Ugh-Fudge Bwana, plays Pa Hercules); John Muto (Animation); Matthew Bright (Toshiro Baloney, plays Rene and Squeezit Henderson and various members of The Mystic Knights of The Oingo Boingo.

EDIT: Actual guests were Richard Elfman, Susan Tyrrell, John Muto, and assistant director Martin Nicholson (w/ Matthew Bright via telephone). Jan Stuart Schwartz (Servant Frog) was present in the audience.

Official Website: http://www.forbiddenzonethemovie.com/

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