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So, we here are kissatlanta realize that not all of you are down for hot sweaty drunken dancing. That's why we've arranged another show on Friday night, just for you.

We are very pleased to be hosting For Those Who Know out of Austin, Texas at The EARL. If you've been reading kissatlanta for any length, you probably already know that they're one of our favorite unsigned bands out there. Honestly, we never thought shoegaze could sound this good again. Actually, to call the sound shoegaze is a bit misleading because, although it has many of the classic elements, it is anything but sleepy. Snowden played with these guys in Austin and Dallas while on tour and had nothing but great things to say about the live performance.

Also, performing at this show will be Atlanta locals The Eyes and a new comer known as The Lucky Lucky Futons. You can check out an article we did on the Futons here.

kissatlanta.com presents:

The Eyes

For Those Who Know

The Lucky Lucky Futons

@ The EARL - October 6


For Those Who Know - Competition - .mp3

For Those Who Know - Night At The Dance Club - .mp3

For Those Who Know - Monday - .mp3

For Those Who Know - Hello - .mp3

For Those Who Know - Perfect - .

For Those Who Know - Grow Old Together And Die -

For Those Who Know - Words Have Rhythm - .mp3

The Lucky Lucky Futons - Heartbeat - mp3

The Lucky Lucky Futons - Poor James - mp3

The Lucky Lucky Futons - Talk A Little More -

The Lucky Lucky Futons - Girly -

Official Website: http://www.kissatlanta.com

Added by kissatlanta on October 5, 2006