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In this Food Recall training learn how to create a crisis response plan, data gathering, investigation phase specifics and how to communicate under different scenarios.

Why Should You Attend :

Reacting is the norm but anticipating and preparing are what's needed. Creating a robust process that will protect both the consumer and the company's reputation requires careful planning and the active involvement of each department. Another crucial element is communication, with the public as well as customers and shareholders. The risk posed by the product is one important element but anticipating the consumer's reaction is key. Whether they respond with disinterest to a serious hazard versus outrage requires a different communication strategy. As well, the messages sent at the outset of the recall will be different than when the regulator gets involved and different again as the recall reaches a conclusion.
The course will describe how to create the most comprehensive Recall Plan (or Crisis Response Plan).Once the process has been documented we will review the Data Gathering / Investigation phase specifically and give examples of microbiological studies (e.g. Listeria monocytogenes) important issues to be remembered. We will discuss what are the best practices of an effective crisis communication. We will discuss the roles and approaches under different crisis scenarios.

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