BP Wadia Road
Bangalore, Karnataka 560004

Dr. GV Satyavati, former Director-General of the Indian Council of Medical Research, will be talking about the medicinal values of food that we consume everyday. She will explain how it can help prevent or reduce the occurence of diseases like cancer, diabetes, fibrosis and the like and also how we can enhance nutritive intake of food.

It will be explained through practical demonstration, making it easy for the layman without a medical background to understand. Questions and discussions will follow the lecture-demonstration.

It is open for people of all age groups with no entry fee. Dr. Satyavati is well known, has been honoured for her discoveries and contributions to Medical Science, and has been invited to participate and/or speak on television, and at various forums around the world. After her retireemnt she devotes much of her resources to promoting good health initiatives.

Added by vinayrrao on August 6, 2006