In his recently released book, Closing the Food Gap, Mark Winne poses questions too often overlooked in our current conversations around food: What about those people who are not financially able to make conscientious choices about where and how to get food? And in a time of rising rates of both diabetes and obesity and increases in the cost of food, what can we do to make healthier foods available to everyone?

Winne will address these questions in Portland on June 12th by telling the story of how America's food gap has widened since the 1960s, and how communities have responded with a slew of strategies and methods to narrow the gap, including gardens, food banks, and farmers' markets. The story, however, is not only about "hunger in the land of plenty" and the organized efforts to reduce it; the story is also about doing that work in an era of Whole Foods, organics, and community supported agriculture. At a time when many privileged Americans are seeking out local arugula and grass-fed beef, Winne believes we must focus our efforts on ensuring healthy, accessible food for all.

Co-Sponsored by GROWINGGARDENS and Oregon Food Bank.

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