5905 Sandspit Rd
Goleta, California 93117

Join the Santa Clara County Airmen's Association for a flight to Santa Barbara Airport and short walk or shuttle ride to the Beachside Cafe on Goleta Beach. Park at Atlantic and either walk or ask Atlantic to drive you to be at the restaurant at NOON. You should probably leave yourself about 15-30 minutes to walk so arrive no later than 11:30 am at Atlantic (formerly Mercury) on the Southeast corner of the field and we can all walk together.

Time changed back to NOON!

Suggest paying the ramp fee and buying fuel at SBP for $3.97/gal instead of $5.78 at SBA.

Here's some weather. You'll have to make up your own mind what's going to happen. The TAF was corrected (again). Good reason to have an instrument rating, when meteorologists aren't helping much. Keep watching those METAR's. Also check out the ADDS Flight Path Tool's relative humidity overlay for 1800 and 2100 Z.

KSBA 131508Z 131512 VRB03KT 4SM BR OVC005
FM1700 23006KT P6SM SCT015
FM2000 25008KT P6SM SCT050
Favorite for days like these:

http://sat.wrh.noaa.gov/satellite/2km/Hanford/FOG2HNX.GIF and

Since there were some folks who couldn't make the later time, the time has changed to back to a noon lunch.

Here's a link to the menu.

You have to join the Santa Clara Couty Airports MSN group for the link to work. You can do that at http://groups.msn.com/santaclaracountyairports/join. I tried to get the menu to show up on this event using Flikr but it doesn't seem to find the picture. Maybe we can post some more pictures after the event and see if they show up.


Ken & Lucille
Ron & Penny Blake
Dave & Trish Guerrieri + 2 boys + grandma - C-206
Leale's (4)
Smitha Seelamsetty

Official Website: http://www.sccaa.com

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