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The FLSA wage compliance webinar will discuss the scope of FLSA related to wage compliance and discuss about how to prepare for a wage inspection by learning how to calculate amount of money to pay to employee, when to pay overtime, how to know exempted employees for minimum wage requirements and the FLSA pitfalls to avoid.

Why Should You Attend:

The determination by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division to vigorously pursue corrective action and investigators promised to make unannounced visits should put all the business establishments on notice and create the need to reevaluate the wage practices within their organization for compliance. Equally, significant the Department now has Eat Shop Sleep app that uses the department enforcement data- inspection and compliance information, which enables consumers, employees and other members of the public to check if a hotel, restaurant or retail location has been investigated by the Wage and Hour Division, and whether FLSA violations were found. Like everyone knows: bad publicity is bad for business bottom line.

Hence this FLSA wage compliance webinar training aims to help employers view their wage practices against the applicable wage laws and make the needed changes where necessary. This webinar is a must for any employer preparing for possible wage inspection to learn how to calculate accurately the amount of money to pay an employee, when to pay overtime rate , the employees who are exempted from minimum wage and overtime requirement, the FLSA pitfalls to avoid and keep your organization compliant with wage laws.

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