Emerson College, 10 Boylston Place, 6th Floor
Boston, Massachusetts

Presentations and Discussion: February 8, 10 am – 5 pm

Morning Panel - Real World Implications of Virtual Economies:

Burak Arikan, Drew Harry, Scott Kildall/Victoria Scott, Gene Koo (moderator)

Afternoon Panel - Immersion, Presence and Place:

John (Craig) Freeman, Usman Haque, Pierre Proske, Michael Takeo Magruder/Drew Baker/David Steele

Venue: Semel Theater, 10 Boylston Place, 6th Floor [MAP: select #4, The Tufte Performance and Production Center], Emerson College, Boston, Massachusetts; Emerson Island* (182, 112, 23), Second Life.

Workshop: NO MATTER by Scott Kildall and Victoria Scott: February 9, 1-5 pm - Bill Bordy Theater, 216 Tremont Street [MAP: select #2, 216 Tremont Street], Emerson College, Boston, Massachusetts.

To Register: email jo at turbulence dot org

* To visit Emerson Island, simply create a free account in Second Life and run the current client. Once you have this properly installed follow this link .

Organized by: John (Craig) Freeman, Eric Gordon, Brooke A. Knight, Anya Belkina, James Sheldon, and Robert Fleming (Emerson College); and Jo-Anne Green and Helen Thorington (New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.)

Official Website: http://turbulence.org/mixed_realities/#symposium

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