2170 Market Street
San Francisco, California 94114

7:30PM show. Doors open at 7:00pm

Flipper plus special screening of "Emerald City" starring Flipper and The Mutants.

Tickets: $16 in advance, $18 at the door.

(L to R): Ted Falconi, Stephen DePace, Krist Novoselic, Bruce Loose

Official Website: http://www.cafedunord.com

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Other upcoming Flipper concerts (from Bruce Loose) -

A list of town in cities we are playing in December.
Dec. 1st. - Portland, Oregon
Dec. 2nd - Seattle, Washington
Dec. 8th - All Tomorrow's Parties
at Mildhead England, an resort called Summer set. W/ headlinner Iggy Pop & The Stooges ( I think it should be called "The Stooges", myself, or we shoul;d we call Flipper, "Bruce Loose and Flipper"?)
Sonic youth (they used to open for us) I like them
Melvins (never paided song royalties for use of and Flipper, you know who they are!
and two other opening bands.
Quite a few of the following shows we play with Melvins -
Dec. 11th - London, England
Dec. 13th - Mancherster, England
Dec. 14th - Glasgow, Scottland
Dec. 15th - Belfast, Ireland
Dec. 16th - Dublin, Ireland
Dec. 17th - Galway, Ireland
Return home show.
Dec. 20th
Cafe Du Nord
In San Francisco, California.
U.S.A. North America


Posted by Bruce Loose, 12/2 on MySpace:

Our first show with Krist was great, very Flipper, he towers over the stage a powerful energy, it make Flipper real again for me, real, strong, I know, some recall, some dont know. Some dont know!

See you all, we are playin untill surgury is a nessary, I say I can get by rest o' my life! I'll play through the pain w/aide of external sourses, no phiciyal intrussions
Love to you all Bruce