München, Bavaria

Part 1 (16:16 to approximately 18:18): walking around at the Tollwood festival and perhaps taking some photos.

Part 2: catching the train to Taufkirchen for the vernissage of the yearly exhibition of Blende 1.

(See the original announcement on Flickr.)

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Added by ltrebing on November 27, 2008



I will only be there at the tollwood part of the event ;)


where will you meet ... at the tollwood?


Maybe at the main entrance of the “Food-Plaza” tent, or near the information counter (between the “Weltsalon” and “Peter Pan” tents)? I’m not a Tollwood expert—go ahead and make a suggestion. :)


ah... maybe food plaza. oke.


As there haven’t been any alternative suggestions, and as the weather is rather chilly this days, let us meet inside the “Food-Plaza” tent, next to the main entrance (cf. festival plan to see where it is located) at 16:16. If you’re coming later, please call me via my mobile phone (0172 8530467) so that I can tell you where we are.


Sorry - but this time I won't be able to come. I'm behind schedule with my work, and I have to set priorities (unfortunately).


wo bleiben die bilder? :)