Spiridon-Louis-Ring 21
München, Bavaria 80809

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Update: Alex and Fuad, the founders of LensAvenue, suggested that we actually do some shooting at this meet-up and got us some tickets for the press area at an ice hockey game (München vs. Landsberg). The game starts at 8pm, but we should be there some time ahead, so please join us at the main entry of “Olympia-Eissportzentrum” at 7pm. How to get there: Take subway line 3 to Petuelring, walk along Birnauer Straße westwards for about 500 meters (crossing Lerchenauer Straße), then turn right. They will bringe some very interesting toys, but this shouldn’t keep you from bringing yours, too (especially big Compact Flash cards if you have any).

The game will last for 1.5 hours or so in total, so we’ll have the opportunity to have some beer and food afterwards.

Please register here (or at least notify me via e-mail or FlickrMail) if you’re going to come, because our number of tickets is limited. As usual, you can always reach me via phone, e-mail or instant messaging if you have any questions. Also, feel free to note my mobile phone number (0172 8530467) in case you don’t find us at the venue.

Added by ltrebing on January 18, 2008


Fuad Ibrahimov

Am I too late here?

UPDATE: No, it'll be next Friday, 25.01.2008 :-)


Oh, stimmt, das ist hier noch am 18. Januar eingetragen.. it's on the 25th, please fix :)


Oops, sorry. Fixed. :)


wie erfahren wir, ob wir uns früher zum photo-walk treffen?

Fuad Ibrahimov

UPDATE: We managed to get 10 tickets to the hockey game EHC München - EV Landsberg 2000, which will start at 20:00 on Friday.
So, no beer and no Haxn. Some action + Nikon D3 and Co. We will bring some appropriate gear with us, but please take your cameras and lenses too.

Lars will post another update about where and when we are going to meet.


bin dabei! :)


bin auch dabei :)


dabei! :)


Wird sicher lustig!


Oh that sounds cool... but I gues I signed up too late to be one of the 10 who gets a ticket, huh?


komme auch mit


würde auch gern mitkommen


I don't necessarily need a ticket under all circumstances, so if someone is more interested in hockey than I am, they can have mine, and I will stay in the "common area" or whatever ;)


who is interested in hockey? :D

we are out for action pictures - aren't we? :)


It should be no major issue if we are a few more than 10 (maybe they’ll just let us in anyway, or else we can perhaps rotate places or buy a few extra tickets), but I can’t give a 100% guarantee at the moment.


nett war es!

vielen dank für die karten lensavenue.com! :)