Sonnenstr. 26
Munich, Bavaria 80331

First iteration of this one, now renamed because many German Flickr users have moved to Zooomr and Ipernity due to the “censorship” issue.

We’ll meet in front of the Sauter store near Sendlinger Tor (subway lines 1/2/3/6 and various tramway lines) and then decide together where to go.

Feel free to bring a camera (and your notebook computer if you’re having color depth problems with it).

If you can’t be there at 6 o’clock, just call me at +49 172 8530467 and I’ll tell you where we’ve gone.

Added by ltrebing on June 26, 2007



Hey, I'd love to attend today's meetup but unfortunately I couldn't reschedule my appointments today. Please keep posting upcoming Flipernoomr meetups here.

Thx, Martin


Oops, I just saw that I entered the wrong date here! The meet-up is taking place this Friday, not today. I hope that nobody rescheduled their appointments today because of this mistake!


Thanks for the invitation! I'm not sure yet if I'll bee able to come - I have too much work. I won't be able to decide before thursday ...

What's this about bringing my notebook in case I have color depth problems?

Rgds Timo


Look here for color depth problems. :)


Thanks for the invitation but I'm leaving Munich for the weekend. So next time I'll join for sure


würder gern mitmachen - leider hatte Ich schon etwas am Freitag vor - das Probem der Zensur gefällt mir auch gar nichts und überlege mir derzeit das Aussteigen vom Flickr - auch weil, im allgemeinen, würde Ich mir es wünschen, weniger netzleben und mehr echtleben führen - hasta la vista und viel Spass heute - xavier